Size: 2120*800*620-930mm


  • HI-LOW: 620-930mm
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg from 0 to 16°
  • Back section adjustable from: 0 to 90°
  • Foot section adjustable from 0 to 35°
  • X-ray translucent function

Main Features:

  • Metal frame with electrophoresis and powder coating
  • X-ray board
  • With pushing handle on the head end, with a crank to operate the foot section
  • Side rails: 2pcs, Aluminum alloy, collapsible
  • Back section is operated by gas spring
  • With the middle fifth castor for steer direction, Bumper castors on 4 corners
  • Castors: Dustproof castors with central locking system Castor diameter of 200mm
  • Urine hooks
  • Four holes in every corner
  • for collapsible telescopic
  • stands with four hooks
  • Patient support belts
  • A monitor tray
  • A storage basket
  • Oxygen tank holder.
  • 70mm thickness foam mattress,PU covered, waterproof
  • Loading capacity: 230kg

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