PC 3000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor:

  • 7'' high resolution colour TFT display, 5-channel waveform display
  • standard parameters: ECG, RESP, Sp02, NIBP, 2-TEMP, PR; Arrhythmia and ST segment analysis
  • up to 12,000 groups parameter data & 60-hour ECG waveform storage and recall
  • 1,000-hour graphic and tabular trends for all parameters
  • 7-channel ECG simultaneous waveforms display
  • protection against interference from defibrillator, electrosurgical knife
  • adult/pediatric measurement modes
  • visual and audible alarms; networking capability
  • carrying handle with bed-hooks
  • Internal software: GB, IT, FR, ES, PT, PL, CZ, TR, CN.

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