Manual Orthopaedics Bed

Size: 2130×990×490mm

  • Back section adjustable from 0° to 75°
  • knee section(left) adjustable from 0° to 40°
  • Knee section(right) adjustable from 0° to 40°
  • Trendelenburg from 0° to 12°

  • Electrophoresis and powder coating
  • Wholly molded cold steel sleeping platform

  • Head board: Aluminum alloy, detachable
  • Foot board: Stainless steel, detachable
  • Side rails: 2pcs, Aluminum alloy, collapsible
  • Steel bed frame, Stainless steel traction shelf
  • Dust-proof 125mm diameter castor, two with brakes,
  • Steel shoes shelf
  • I.V. pole
  • Loading capacity: 200kg

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