Size: L2200*W1060*H470-760mm

  • Height adjustment (without mattress): 470-760mm
  • Backrest lifting angle: 70°±5°
  • Kneerest lifting angle: 40°±5°
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg from 0o to 12o

Main features:
  • Hydraulic pump control system
  • Metal framework with electrophoresis and powder coating
  • MS perforated platform with ventilation hole, moulded
  • ABS head/foot board, detachable
  • ABS tuck-away side rail, 4 pieces
  • Foldable crank to avoid protruding outside
  • Heavy duty caster , dual sides with diameter of 150mm
  • Fifth wheel for steering
  • Central brake system,four brake pedals one each corner of bed
  • Bumper on four corners
  • I.V. pole
  • Urine bag hook
  • Able to attach orthopedic accessories
  • Loading capacity: 450 LBS

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